Two Best Friends – One BIG Dream

In just a short amount of time, the Maniac Poker brand has grown from a conversation in a parking lot about an All-In-One Texas Holdem’ Poker Tray to a potential leading innovator in the poker apparel and accessory industry. Our unique logo represents our company.

We will go ALL IN for our customers by daring to be different in our approach and offering a design that is unlike anything anyone has seen before. Here at Maniac Poker, we represent a legion of poker players that dare to be bold. Confident in their play and never afraid to go all in, Maniac Poker players add excitement and mystery to the game we all love. Our mission is to provide a brand that exemplifies these attributes.

maniac poker apparel and accessories

Poker Tray

maniac poker texas holdem poker tray

All-In-One Tray

Keeps The Action Moving

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Cut Cards

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Texas Holdem Poker Tray

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